Meet the Artist

hi, I'm Amanda!

I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. My dad used to tell the story of some ill-fated dance classes when I was three. He was always pretty humored that after dressing in a leotard, I’d basically sit in the corner and color the whole time. I later earned my BFA in Art Education from the University of South Carolina.

My first classroom came fully equipped, and while I had a basic understanding of pottery from my single ceramics class in college, I knew I had to level up. I spent hours watching Molly Sanyour’s videos on Instagram and taught myself to throw.

Pottery became life-changing pretty quickly. After leaving the classroom, I began taking classes at a community studio here in Tampa, but due to COVID restrictions, I felt really limited.

My husband, Dan, pushed me to not only get my own wheel but also help convert our third bedroom into a studio. I’m incredibly excited to see where this takes me going forward! Thank you so much for being here!